About The Sisters

Welcome to ‘My Sister’s TBR’ – Where Books Come to Life!

Hey there, we’re Stacey and Rebecca, the dynamic duo behind ‘My Sister’s TBR.’ We’re not just siblings; we’re two book lovers who’ve taken our passion for reading to the next level. Get ready to dive into a podcast that’s all about unraveling the layers of the stories we adore, in a spoiler-free sort of way.

Our Journey:
‘My Sister’s TBR’ came to life from our shared love for books and countless chats gushing over our most recent reads. We realized that we had something special to offer – a space where we could share our passion and insights with fellow book enthusiasts.

What We Do:
In each episode, we take you on a literary adventure, whether it’s through the pages of a fantasy epic, a sizzling romance, or a spine-tingling thriller. Our episodes strive to make you feel at home, like you’re curling up on the couch with your favorite cup of tea and talking to your bestie about all the books you love! We analyze characters, gush about plot twists, and dive into what makes these stories tick.

Why ‘My Sister’s TBR’?
Our podcast name isn’t just catchy; it’s a nod to the way we’ve bonded over the years. Through shared reads and animated debates, we’ve built a connection that we want to extend to all our listeners. ‘My Sister’s TBR’ is your invitation to our world of reading, chatting, and celebrating the magic of storytelling.

Join Us:
If you’re a bookworm, a genre-hopper, or just someone who loves a good story, you’re in the right place. Join our discussions, share your thoughts, and let’s embark on a journey through the pages together.

Thanks for being part of our adventure,

Stacey & Rebecca – Hosts of ‘My Sister’s TBR’